Fr John Warnaby
Assistant Priest

I was born and raised in Birmingham, Mum from Co. Cork and Dad from Yorkshire. I have three younger sisters. I attended Catholic schools in Birmingham and after studied Theology at Oriel College, Oxford.

After Oxford I had a couple of years in I0 (v) PARA in Chelsea and odd jobs whilst trying to establish a career as an actor. One of those temporary jobs led to a permanent position in the regulatory division of Lloyds of London (insurance). This led to me working in the US for a couple years. I got my Equity card in 1988 and had a long and happy career in theatre, film and television.

Having been accepted for training for the priesthood, I was sent to the Beda College in Rome and in 2016 was ordained deacon by Archbishop Malcolm McMahon in St Paul’s Basilica, Rome.

I was ordained priest in 2017 in Westminster Cathedral by Cardinal Vincent Nichols. Palmers Green is my first priestly appointment and I feel truly blessed to be serving the holy people of God at St Monica’s.